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Grandma's Jewelry Box

ISBN 9780938467700, 32 pages, 6x9 paperback
JUVENILE FICTION / Family / Multigenerational

ISBN: 9780938467700


By Cindy Bandy O'Brien

A Headline Kids Educational Series Book

This book will inspire parents, grandparents, and children to share their stories. The author remembers poring over her motherís jewelry, asking about certain pieces just to hear the stories again.

Children are surprised and fascinated to think of the past adventures and the history of the adults in their lives.

As Grandma says:
Gold and silver, gems and jewels are certainly a treasure
But the tales and memories they keep, thatís what gives us pleasure!

About the Author

Cindy O'Brien has worked in the early childhood field for nearly forty years as a teacher, specialist and mother (although her children quickly outgrew her specialization!). She taught in Montessori, Head Start, and public school settings. With Head Start, she worked as a teacher, parent involvement specialist, education coordinator and curriculum specialist.

O'Brien, an award-winning author, says she has learned so much from kids and has used that knowledge to create books and programs for teachers and parents. Her stories reflect concerns from a kid's point of view, with illustrations that will inspire children to do art with simple materials that can spark conversations about feelings and emotions. O'Brien's book, Agitated, was named best Self-Improvement Book (Ages 5 8 ) by the Mom's Choice Awards, which honors the best in family-friendly products.

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